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Terms & Conditions


Services | gfe companionship

My services are advertised as GFE COMPANIONSHIP and should be treated as this only. During my dates I provide both sexual and emotional/physical intimacy

I may provide Porn Star, BDSM, other professional services in the future, but not at this time.

Please do not waste my time asking for other services or more at extra cost. I will kindly refuse. When I decide to start offering more services I will announce on all my media platforms and website.

A reminder, I am not your SEX TOY. Rather, I am your intimate COMPANION during our time together. Bring on the roses and romance and maybe a little cheekiness~ 🌹💕😈

My services DOES NOT physically, sexually and emotionally  with animals and underage individuals.

Availability | Operating Schedule



My apartment is ONLY for my regular clients. 


Wednesday - Saturday

10:00 am -11:00 pm


Inquiries | Booking Contact Form

It is recommended to use my booking (contact) form for inquiries.

I require:

  • Name

  • Email

  • Phone Number

  • Incall/Outcall

  • Date/Time

  • Intro - Information about yourself and what you are looking for



I do not tolerate ping pong texts merely to avoid proper booking inquiries.

I do not tolerate aggressive and disrespecting behaviour through text and phone calls.

I do not take phone calls. Use my Booking Form on my website for inquiries.  After formalities I will then invite you to converse through Whatsapp or Text.

Drugs related offers or threatening in exchange for services is NOT tolerated and WILL be reported to the police.

Failure to send a proper booking form will not receive a response. The first contact is the first step of screening. 

Booking Process


You send an inquiry for a PRE - BOOKING (advanced notice booking)


I check schedule and organize date / time


I email detailed  specific booking T&Cs (Do's and Dont's List)




You send deposit


I receive deposit within 24 hours (Australian deposit) or 48 hours (International deposit)




All payments at the start of booking so we can both confirm right amounts.

Please place in envelope, book or birthday card. If the payment is not correct you are required to pay me the right amount quoted and agreed upon. Failure to do so will forfeit all payments and deposits. You will be asked to leave. If there is any aggressive behaviour or resisting I WILL call the police or security.



Booking Process

Payments & Cancellations

Screening* | No screening = No booking

The following is required for screening

(for both our health and safety):

  • Photo of ID or Passport

  • Link'd In account / social media

  • Business / company website &/or business card

  • At least 2 provider reference


  • screenshot of hotel invoice 

  • screenshot of flight itinerary

*please scroll down to see my confidentiality policy

Deposits | No deposit = No booking



International / Australia : BEEM IT APP or Business Account deposit


  • I am a tax paying independent business owner. I can provide invoices should you need. Please EMAIL me regarding this

  • ALL deposits MUST be cleared by the DAY before booking

  • For bookings shorter than 2 hours a $250 minimum is required. I will advise you on amount of deposit for longer bookings

  • For FLY ME TO YOU + TOURS bookings I require 50% OR 100% (to be advised) deposit to secure my schedule, flights, accommodation and travel to/from airport

Cancellations | Forfeits



  • I am cancelling due to unforeseen work or family circumstances

  • I will offer to reschedule or refund your deposit

  • If I need to leave earlier than our booking finishing time, I will offer you 10% of the cash payment depending on how much time is left


  • If you are unwell, have schedule changes, family circumstances and/or income issues please let me know at least a few hours before for courtesy. Deposits are not refunded

  • I do not REFUND or RESCHEDULE because you have the need to cancel without a legitimate reason; YOUR DEPOSIT IS FORFEITED to reimburse me for my time and efforts for this booking


Health & Safety | Aggressive Behaviour

  • If up until the booking or during the booking there is inappropriate or aggressive behaviour YOU WILL FORFEIT ALL PAYMENTS made before booking and in the booking

  • Any sudden changes during the booking eg. drugs, excessive drinking, group sexual or social parties, photography/recording, physically aggressive behaviour, etc that have not been discussed prior and I do not agree with during the booking YOU WILL FORFEIT ALL PAYMENTS (NO REFUNDS) and I WILL LEAVE THE PREMISES. SECURITY WILL BE CALLED IF NECESSARY. Any aggressive behaviour thereafter through text, phone call, email, social media WILL INVOLVE THE POLICE and MY LAWYERS

  • If any in case you need to leave early YOU WILL FORFEIT DEPOSIT AND PAYMENTS

  • If you do not show up without any notice, you will definitely forfeit your deposit. There is to be NO REFUND!

Extensions | Continue booking request

  • You are welcome to request an extension before the booking with prior notice so I can leave 2 hour break before my next schedule
  • Please have extra payment ready (discussed and accepted prior booking)
  • If during booking I cannot extend as I have commitments please feel free to organise a new booking time during this current booking or through  / email after this booking
  • If any aggressive / pushy behaviour as we cannot extend and I feel uncomfortable I will END the booking, ALL PAYMENTS will no be refunded. Security / Police will called if required. 

Attendance | Arrival & Departure

  • It is etiquette that when you arrive and leave you must do so in a discrete and respectable manner. DO NOT go to reception and ask for my name and room number. I will send you clear instructions just before the booking.

  • If I hear from the reception or from the lobby you have been making a ruckus I WILL CANCEL your booking and all payments will be forfeited.  SECURITY or POLICE will be involved if necessary. 

  • Please do not scream or be loud in the hallway.


Privacy & Confidentiality

  • I do not do phone calls and photos/videos for verification

  • I do not send extra photos/videos which are not already on my websites or adverts/social profiles

  • I do not send photos/videos in exchange for extra payment before, during and after booking AND even if we have or have not secured a booking

  • Any fishy behaviour, especially any types of recording, WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. I will demand you to delete the images. If not followed I WILL CALL SECURITY / POLICE!

  • Please DO NOT ask me personal questions such as age, name, workplace, home address, friends, social media usernames. I WILL NOT ASK FOR YOURS so please do not ask for mine

  • I KEEP ALL PRIVACY LEFT WITH OUR DATE. If you have slipped any personal information it will be left at the booking and I ask you to do the same if I have

  • If you have sent IDENTIFICATION, I WILL, keep all details confidential and delete drivers license/passport after the booking. They are of no use to me after the booking. However, I will merely be keeping them if any dangerous activities happened before or during the booking. It is my duty to hand them over to legal authorities if I am in grave danger so please be aware of this!

References | Mine & Yours

If you would like a reference from me I will do so with my the best of my knowledge of the booking.

Please do not negotiate with payment or threaten for a 'GOOD WORD'. I WILL NOT provide false references.

Please remember to ask me and that provider before using us for a reference.

Using fake references will be rejected and permanently blocked.

But You Want More?

Please contact me should you need further clarification of any of the above.

If you are the type of person wishing "BANG FOR THE BUCK (VALUE)" to see what specific activities I do or do not during the booking then I am not your girl. However, am happy to send you a list of DOs & DONTs to you anyway.

I AM MERELY AN INTIMATE GFE COMPANIONSHIP SERVICE, not based on specific activities.

I recommend looking up other providers who have PSE (PORN STAR OR BDSM) services. They are much more experienced in these than I am! :)

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