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For the curious minds...

What nationality are you?

Chinese, South Korean, Australian 

How can I organise a date with you?

Three simple top tips: "Pre-book, screen, deposit". See my T&Cs before inquiring. 

I am a virgin. Would you still see me? 

Sexual experimentation and exploration can start any time of your life. Why not now? I meet all first-timers, whether sexual virgin, or escort/companion virgin or non/experienced We're both in it together..

I am of Indian, Asian, Muslim, Arabic, African, Indigenous descent. Would you still see me?

Respect in, Respect out. As long as you follow my three top tips when organising a booking, I see no racial borders. 

I am not vaccinated. Would you still see me?

As long you know you are responsible for your own medical health and sexual health issues, that's all what matters to me. I am not your sexy doctor / nurse. I am fully vaccinated. 

Why do you I need to screen? I need discretion. 

For my safety, I require strict screening. You can find my confidentiality policy under T&Cs. Have been worked over 10yrs in this industry, this policy has continued to work and I continue to enforce it. You would be relieved that I take my confidentiality policy very seriously. I do not waive or compromise my safety / screening policies for anyone. I thank you for your understanding.

Can you send a selfie to verify yourself?

Due to the dangerous world web, manifesting trolls and social negativity towards my industry, I prefer to be non-face across all my platforms/profiles. Take some time to research my social platforms and advertising profiles to make your own collective decision whether I'm a dark figure waiting to pounce on you anytime, or a heavenly goddess you've been dreaming to meet. Make those dreams come true today! 

Can you just send more photos because you don't send selfies?

I have plenty of glamour and candid photos across all my platforms and profiles for your light bedtime reading. 

Which payment systems do you have?

1. A refundable deposit to secure bookings (Beem it, bank to business bank transfer, ATM cash deposit, Square payment link using credit card)

2. Square Eftpos or payment link using credit card, cash during bookings. 

I've pre-booked date with you, screening and deposited. How should I prepare for our date? 

Congrats, you're in the Gentlemen's club.. It's so sexy when a Gent can listen to her instructions, recommendations and suggestions. Thank you for setting an example for future dates. 

Stay-tuned for my updates and instructions. Relax and don't be nervous. I'm as nervous as you! Remember, we're both in it together..

May you please don't text or call me constantly leading up to our date. I am sure we both have busy personal or professional lives.

I am a student, senior, soldier. Can you give a discount?

Unfortunately, I cannot. 

I am a business owner or receive DSP / NDIS. Do you provide invoices?

I can provide invoices with a legitimate ABN, as a business service to a business. However, I cannot provide invoices for DSP/NDIS claims, as I'm not taxed under "ESCORT or ADULT SERVICES". 

I am disabled. Would you see me? 

Dependent upon the level and type of disability, I may be able to meet you. However, I highly recommend a different provider who can provide invoices for your disability expense claims and more experienced in providing such care and service. 

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